First things First

In the picture below I must be four or five years old, it was taken at the dining room of my childhood home and I stand having some chilean cazuela and, for some unknown reason, I am eating eat with two spoons. It was probably huge, at least huge enough for someone to immortalize it with a camera. Also, it would have not be the first time I surprised someone with my appetite.

A hungry girl is born

A hungry girl is born

In my family everyone enjoys food, but everyone does it differently. My mom, for example, always made a huge effort for me and my brothers to try everything, especially on the healthy food department, but she doesn’t cook much. My dad, on the other hand, kept us in the kitchen helping him up since we where little kids. For him it was not only about how much he loves to cook, but also about teaching us some helpful instrumental skills.

Years after I mastered how to scramble the breakfast eggs, I began to learn not only how to cook; I began and finish a college carrer; I left my hometown in order to do it, I worked on boring jobs, on horrible jobs and in really funny ones.

To left Punta Arenas helped to fire up my urge to learn how to cook and bake, I have never truly thought about making a career out of it, never took any courses, I just really like it and have learned it by reading, sharing and talking to amazing people.

At the same time I began to learn that food, well used, can amuse, gather and have the power to connect us with people, places and memories that are located deep inside us.

At this point I don’t want to only learn, I also want to share; to share recipes, references and ideas.

For now only three transversal conditions on my posts:

– I will always, ALWAYS, be straight about the source of the recipes, I don’t believe on recipes being secrets of state.

– I will include a detail of the cost of the materials, on the moment they were bought

– All of the projects here posted will be previously tested.

Coming soon: Homemade butter

Motivational Photo: Downtown business in the city of Helsinki, January of 2013. The owners really knew what life is all about:Paz, Amor y Helado